Friday, 13 March 2009

Choose Your Own Ending

Have finished The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Interesting concept for a novel...a twentieth-century writer taking on the guise of a nineteenth-century narrator. The language of the novel is definitely reminiscent of the 19th century novels I've been reading.

The author/narrator, however, breaks the fourth wall and tells the reader directly that this is all just a figment of his imagination. Fowles was obviously making a comment or two about the conventions of the 19th century novel (as well as the conventions of 19th century society), but overall, I found the effect to be rather distracting and egoistic.

I enjoyed reading the intriguing story of Charles and Sarah, and could have done without the constant interruptions of the author/narrator.

Having said that, I did like the clever idea of the three separate endings.

Gonna have a little break from the novel-reading (until I get a chance to get to the library next Tuesday)...or at least the novels from the list. I ordered a copy of Alan Moore's Watchmen after seeing the film last week, and am very much looking forward to escaping into a dystopian past (if there is such a thing!)

More novels from the list soon.

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